Product Integrity

The trading of eco-wares / green products - such as organic & fair trade items is the greatest economic act of non-violence available to consumers in the westernized World today.

Perhaps, if rather than the harmful exchange of wasteful products, companies like Organic Trader Canada™ products can make a difference by providing sustainable, smart, and environmentally savvy alternatives for purchases that deliver greater, whole value.

Clover Leaves


All around eco

Dandelion Parachute Seed



100% non-toxic ingredients

Banana Leaves


leaving a smaller footprint

Simply Eco

  • Micro Private Label Program = recycled food-grade stock bottle + your Label -> your brand

  • Do-it-yourself Program = get bulk sizes and bottle and label yourself

  • 100% Natural & Organic ingredients

  • ONLY Social Justice raw materials Sourcing

  • Market Proven Formulations since 1999

  • Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly & Fairly Traded

  • Septic Safe & Biodegradable

  • Baby & Pet Safe

  • Waterways Safe

  • Performance your customers will LOVE to reorder

  • Crushed Rock eco-labels for your brand…?

Crushed Rock Labels


In respect of “certifications” and “organic” standards on all personal care products, Organic Trader is providing a list of ingredients, that - though legally acceptable on so called, “organic” personal care products - we believe these same ingredients in any personal care product (organic or not) are not ethical.



All Organic Trader products must use ecological, fair trade and fair sourced ingredients.

Organic Trader Canada is a Palm oil free company using fair trade, sustainable sourced organic Shea Butter. Our products are proudly Canadian-made in North America's first sustainable EcoStar Green™ eco-manufacturing facility. Our packaging is when ever possible plastic free and biodegradable. We re-purpose, re-use and recycle everything possible. We encourage our customers  to use our eco-labels, printed on Rock-Paper-Earth™, made with NO water, NO trees & NO bleach.