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Terms & Conditions

Organic and Sustainable Trading Canada / OSTC

= Joseph, Ute and Zach, the Owners

By using this/ our website(s), and/or making an order, is lawful acceptance of these OSTC Terms and Conditions. Lawful Terms and Conditions - hopefully just Common Sense!

OSTC is based on the intention of putting our most genuine efforts forward to make ECO-products that enhance and protect the environment of our Mother Earth, while doing NO harm.


These simple terms and conditions apply to each man or woman under the jurisdiction of Land Common Law [ or legal statute Law if required, by the unilateral perogative the Owners ] in the territory of Glenora Shire, Cowichan Valley [ British Columbia ] land and soil area.


Do no harm. We reserve the right/ perogative not to work with folks or companies that conduct irresponsible, toxic, exploitive or environmentally unfriendly practises. Day to day we will never knowingly do so, and if we find that we have made a mistake in our judgment, we will take steps to correct our crooked path forthwith to keep in respect of taking care of our planet. Money is important, but must not corrupt the importance of being good stewards of our Home.


Do not steal. OSTC/ the owners pledge that we will never indulge your private information, as a man or woman, or your business entity’s confidential information - it’s called PRIVATE label for a reason - and in reciprocity - You, as one who engages with our Team or is an actual customer, will also 100% respect our confidential, proprietary, secret and private information concerning our formulations, lab and business methods and all OSTC business practises including non-disclosure of any such materials or information at any time, forever.


Participate and be honest. We will always provide the cleanest 100% natural and organic formulations that are possible for shelf-stable ECO-products… and similarly, You will respect our terms and conditions while trying to prepare well in advance for your lead times and inventory control. It should be noted: that OSTC or related, logos, branding, marks, copy and wording are propriety to OSTC and cannot at anytime be used without permission. Your brand is unique and we encourage You to find your unique voice so your ‘tribe’ can find you!


Private label orders over $6000 are paid 50% at time of order, 50% at F.O.B. (freight on board means when your pallet is ready to ship). Orders under $6000 are paid in full at time of order when invoice is presented for You to confirm and double check Your order details for accuracy. OSTC reserves the right for orders to be within 5-10% of the actual order made (please account for this with labels/bottles) to respectfully maximize use of the high quality organic raw materials.


Natural and Organic eco-product variations: due to the exclusive use (NO industry synthetics/PETRO-chems) of natural/organic raw materials, from season to season there may be differences in colour/hue, texture, aroma or viscosity for slight variations in consistency (most customers will not notice). However, all of our production formulations are shelf-stable for 2 years in our food-grade HDPE stock bottles. If you elect to buy bulk and fill your own bottles, or send us your own unique packaging, then you accept the responsibility for the product shelf life and stability. Lead times are generally (in normal times) 4-8 weeks for bulk orders, add 2-4 weeks for custom private label orders that require bottle filling and labels affixed. Batch number stickers are extra.


Lab time for new formulations is $475 per hour CAD, and new ECO-product formulations generally take 5-10 lab hours to achieve master sample(s) for your approval. We recommend that You should not make any claims for your ECO-products that are false or misleading, and all statements should respect the guidelines of the territory You are selling into.


Any excess labels for your private label order are stored at our warehouse, at no charge, in order that your next orders can go out as quickly as possible. Any excess packaging/bottles are stored at a cost $95 per one pallet space per month.


Our intent is to help you make money with a respectful, enjoyable and sustainable eco-business that enhances Your life as at the same time does so beneficially for other folks… in order that those folks wish to continue to come back to You, over and over… as repeat sales increase the value of your unique brand.


By using this website, and/or making an order, is lawful acceptance of these OSTC Terms and Conditions.



Peace be with you

Genuinely, Joseph

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