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ECO Private Label Service

Create your own eco-Brand

True Eco-care products, Made in Canada  |  Choose FOOD-GRADE Recycled in-stock packaging OR send your own custom bottles  |  Eco-labels from crushed rock  |  

Design services avail. for brand/ logo/ labels +  |  Take your good idea, create a profitable eco-brand that makes a difference for this Earth!

100% Natural

& Organic

Protect our waters

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your direct access to 24-hour assembly for new brand/PRIVATE-LABEL bulk/wholesale custom orders 

Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free
fair trade
Fair Trade
made in Canada
Made in Canada

Since 1999 our family business is dedicated first to Mother Earth, protecting dolphins & all waterways

Involved in organic skin care since 1999, the Organic Trader™ team provides sustainable personal care products to the natural product & organic industry, using exclusively natural aromas (without 'industry' synthetics or petro-chemicals). Our business has evolved to fill an eco manufacturing niche for specialty creams, lotions, ointments, shampoo, soaps and eco-cleaners for a number of markets, such as; health practitioners, salons, spas, pet store/vets/groomers, baby & mom stores, speciality/gift, tattoo parlours, sex/intimacy boutiques and for medical professionals. Known throughout the industry for integrity, reliability and product superiority. Our expanding organic expertise includes; skin care, hair care, health and beauty aid items, masks, scrubs, eye gels, lotions as well as certified organic USDA NOP personal care blends which can be customized exclusively for your own brand *minimum orders apply. You may wish to note, our products are eligible to be certified vegan & vegetarian friendly.

Social Impact of Sustainability
Economic Impact  of Sustainability
environmental impact of sustainability
environmental impact of sustainability

Step by step
let's get started in your sustainable business success

From sustainable product concepts, green branding, eco packaging, niche marketing, and custom formulation to final distribution models, Organic Trader™ offers the proven consulting expertise, services and product development skills for your desired range & private label brand. Talk to us, if you are especially looking for ecological and sustainable options, such as; certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) virgin forest-free labels, made 100% with wind power, ecoEarth labels™, EcoStar Green™ standards & certification, organic personal care product certification, organic skin care in greener packaging options, that your customers will truly appreciate.

Organic BULK

DO-IT-YOURSELF programme

Many customers start out (to increase margin) by filling their own bulk... yes, it's easy if you order a professional pump with your 20 kg bulk buckets, then simply dispense into your bottles... some folks even like to mix in their own essential oils* into our unscented bases. *Our eco-lab is happy to furnish guidelines on how to customize your own exciting, natural aroma(s).

Of course, you can start with just one case already bottled... just apply your new brand label, Viola!

Eco-products bottled for


ready by the case

Buy bottled, but UNlabeled, eco-products ready to go [by the case size of 24-28 bottles usually] - simply add labeling to your order. IF you are in Canada, and if you wish to save the money/increase your margin, we can ship the bottles without labels.  

*For minimum orders*, you may provide custom packaging. *Minimum custom orders - 60 kg for specialty/facial - 240 kg for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and eco-cleaner bases.*

You can provide your own approved labels or benefit from our professional design and print services.

You can label your own bottles within Canada.

Attention: Product shipped to the U.S.A. must be labeled.

Organic Trader Canada | Sales Growth
Sales growth

Your vision + Your brand = Your customer $ales

Organic & Sustainable Trading Canada supports your vision, your brand & your customer sales. Wholesale order pricing starts right at the first case order - as you grow, so does your wholesale/bulk discount increase for more distributor margins.

Packaging | Orgainc Trader Canada

Packaging... stock or custom?

We use up to 100% recycled content food-grade HDPE #2 white bottles, locally made, and also bio-photonic Miron glass.

You can also provide your own bottles upon request.

Add crushed rock ECO-labels to your order and you have a ready to go product. Or, you may provide your own custom labels* or let us design and print your eco-labels** for you. *Production criteria applies **Minimums apply

Custom labels and design

In addition Organic & Sustainable Trading Canada offers professional label and professional design services for your vision.  Our experienced art & graphic professionals are knowledgeable with label guidelines and workflow.

Our sustainable ECO-labels {minimum runs apply} are made from crushed rock using NO: water, trees, bleach nor vinyl - no kidding!

Organic Trader Products are safe for oceans and all waterways!

Please contact us for...

Information about our product, and general inquiries

(778) 455-1929

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